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About our Vishwamangal Ayurved team

Guruvarya Rajvaidya Sameer Jamadagni

One of the pioneers of Ayurveda fraternity with a vast experience of more than 40yrs, Vishwamanagal feels immensely proud & blessed with Guruvarya Rajvaidya Jamadagni as an Inspiration & Chief Mentor for our Ecosystem. Like his Guru Shree Vaidya Madhav Kolhatkar, Jamadagni sir followed the same teachings & till today thousands of Vaidya’s in India has been experienced Jamadagni sir’s Mentorship & became successful vaidya. His work in Ayurveda inspires all of us to come together & work for the betterment of Ayurveda. The concept of ecosystem is thoroughly discussed & seeking his approval, initiated work for the betterment of individual Vaidya from all aspects.

Vaidya Snehalkumar Rahane

A disciple of Jamadagni sir since 1996, started working in field of Ayurveda since 2001. Initiation of Ayurved Hospital for people was the stepping stone of Ecosystem. Ecosystem’s thought process started budding in his mind since 2012. Since 2015 he initiated efforts with more pace with a firm decision to launch ecosystem, today’s Vishwamangal Ayurved Ecosystem we see is the efforts of these many years.

Vaidya Unmesh Panvelkar

An Ayurvedacharya with a corporate mindset & a strategist; pursued education from one of the finest institute of management IIM Kolkata, developed a project on cost optimization for Ayurveda field; experienced with working with one of the top Ayurveda brands, joined Vd. Snehalkumar Rahane since 2015 forming a core team in building blocks of Ecosystem.

Parangat Vaidya

The word Parangat Vaidya is not confined to a single individual; it’s a panel of experienced Vaidyas. These Vaidyas are the one who are working & achieved huge practical experience in field of Ayurveda. The Parangat Vaidya team with the guidance of Jamadagni sir has designed the entire knowledge Hub of Ecosystem & will continue mentoring the Vaidyas in Ecosystem guiding them to achieve excellence in Ayurveda.

Nipun Vaidya

As the name Nipun suggest “the experts”. This team will be the execution team of Ecosystem who will be taking responsibility of proper utilization of Ayurveda resources for the people. These Vaidyas are equipped with knowledge hub of Ecosystem; standardize practice methods, corporate ethics, International accreditations, Research associates, & most important continuous ongoing learning.

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Panchakarma is a well defined set of five therapies focusing to cleanse & eliminate the toxins out of the body

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Ad denique euripidis signiferumque vim, iusto admodum quo cu. No tritani neglegentur mediocritatem duo.

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Ad denique euripidis signiferumque vim, iusto admodum quo cu. No tritani neglegentur mediocritatem duo.

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